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Image Eternal Love of Dream

Eternal Love of Dream

Release Date 2020-03-26
Runtime 45 minutes
Genres Drama
Stars Dilraba Dilmurat, Vengo Gao, Dylan Kuo, Liu Ruilin, Liu Yuxin
Directors Yang Xuan, Liang Zhenhua, Tang Qi

Having been saved by Emperor Dong Hua from a vicious monster attack, Princess of Qingqiu, Bai Fengjiu becomes immensely indebted to him. To repay him, Fengjiu follows Donghua around on his adventures to eliminate evil but unwittingly realizes that her feelings of gratitude towards him has turned to romantic. However, after a hundred thousand years of fighting evil, Donghua has long forgotten the meaning of “love". To protect Fengjiu, Dong Hua sends her to the human world but accidentally causes the death of Fengjiu’s friend. Fengjiu enters the dream of Ah Lan Ruo to search for the fruit that will be able to resurrect her friend. However, Fengjiu ends up getting trapped in the dream. Dong Hua comes to rescue, and realizes he has fallen in love with Fengjiu…