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Image That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Release Date 2021-09-21
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Action & Adventure, Animation, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Comedy
Stars Miho Okasaki, Megumi Toyoguchi, Makoto Furukawa, Sayaka Senbongi, Mao Ichimichi
Directors Atsushi Nakayama, Hiroshi Satou, Ayumi Sato, Maki Saito

37-year-old corporate worker Mikami Satoru is stabbed by a random killer, and is reborn to an alternate world. But he turns out to be reborn a slime! Thrown into this new world with the name Rimuru Tempest, he begins his quest to create a world that’s welcoming to all races. Broken free from ordinary, stale past life, his fresh adventure in a fantasy world as a slime monster with unique abilities begins.

1. Rimuru's Busy Life


Rimuru sends a delegation led by Benimaru to the Animal Kingdom of Eurazania, ruled by the Demon Lord Carrion, also known as the Beastmaster, to establish diplomatic relations after becoming indebted to him in the battle against Charybdis. A delegation from Eurazania is set to arrive in Tempest around the same time, but the Animal Kingdom is a very warlike nation, and Shion is enraged when one of the delegates, Suphia of the Three Beastketeers, makes a belittling remark toward Rimuru. The goal was a friendly relationship, but it takes no time at all for a fight to break out...

2. Trade with the Animal Kingdom


Despite the initial conflict, Eurazania and Tempest have deemed each other to be worthy of establishing friendly relations, and diplomacy between them officially begins. Tempest agrees to share its industrial techniques in return for Eurazania's agricultural techniques, and Rimuru decides to use the apple brandy produced as a result of this exchange to seek friendly relations with the Armed Nation of Dwargon next. He's accompanied by Shuna and Shion along with the former residents of Dwargon, Kaijin and the three Dwarf brothers, who are welcomed back to their home nation as state guests.

3. Paradise, Once More


Rimuru completes the two very important duties of a discussion with King Dwargon and a public speech announcing the two nations' friendship to the people. Now it's time to head out for a little fun at the paradise he promised Gobta... while making sure Shuna and Shion don't notice.

4. The Scheming Kingdom of Falmuth


Tempest is preparing a feast in celebration of Rimuru's return home. Then a newcomer, the majin Myulan, arrives to scope out Tempest on the Demon Lord Clayman's orders, having joined up with Youm's crew as their military advisor in order to enter the nation. Upon arriving, she's surprised to see what a strong nation it is, but continues to talk with its citizens to learn more. Meanwhile, the king of Falmuth, who sees Tempest as a nuisance, conspires with the Western Holy Church in a plot to invade the monster nation.

5. Prelude to the Disaster


Following Clayman's orders, Myulan ignores the words of Youm and Grucius, both of whom have fallen in love with her, and activates the Anti-Magic Area spell. At the same time, Reyheim also activates Prison Field. The double barrier prevents Shion and the other fighters of Tempest from fighting as well as usual, and they end up at a disadvantage in their fights with three Otherworlders. Benimaru tries to contact Rimuru, who still hasn't returned, but he can't even get in touch with him due to the barriers.

6. The Beauty Makes Her Move


At the same time as the attack on Tempest, Rimuru is also under attack. With one look, Rimuru realizes that his assailant is one of Shizu's former students, an Otherworlder, and the woman then introduces herself as the strongest of the Holy Knights, Hinata Sakaguchi. Rimuru is backed into a corner when her Holy Field seals most of his magic. At the same time, Shion and Hakurou, whose magic has been sealed by a similar barrier, are backed into a corner by Shogo and Kyoya.

7. Despair


Rimuru faced grave danger in his battle with Hinata, but he managed to escape in the nick of time by using a doppelganger to take the damage while he rushed back to Tempest. Upon arrival, he found the city in a tragic state, engulfed by blood and smoke. Benimaru tries to capture Myulan, the top suspect behind this disaster, but Youm and Grucius stand in his way. Swallowing his rage and grief, Rimuru realizes who their true enemy is and calmly questions Myulan instead of punishing her.

8. Hope


Rimuru learns about Clayman and the schemes of the Kingdom of Falmuth, but no matter how hard he wishes for it, his fallen comrades and their peaceful lifestyle will never return. He's just about to give up when Eren tells him of a fairy tale that might offer a glimmer of hope. The probability of success is about 3%... but if Rimuru can manage to become a Demon Lord by taking in the souls of 10,000 humans as nourishment, he just might have a chance at bringing his comrades back to life. As Falmuth's army of 20,000 men marches toward Tempest, Rimuru takes hold of that hope and decides to become a Demon Lord.

9. Putting Everything on the Line


In order to come to terms with his own negligence and revive Shion, Gobta, and his other fallen comrades, Rimuru reveals that he used to be a human. But his allies think nothing of it and accept him regardless, as if it's the natural thing to do. Filled with gratitude for the warm, accepting environment he's in, Rimuru turns his focus to the army from Falmuth. He entrusts Benimaru and the others to destroy the devices that are generating the enemy's Prison Field while Rimuru himself sets out to attack the advancing army and use them as nourishment to become a Demon Lord.

10. Megiddo


The battle for revenge has begun. Benimaru and his trusted companions carry out their respective missions, while Hakurou and his party face Shogo and Kyoya once again. And Rimuru's fury rains down upon the army from Falmuth.

11. Birth of a Demon Lord


Rimuru succeeds in collecting enough souls to carry out his plan to evolve, and the Harvest Festival begins. But he's suddenly overcome by intense sleepiness at the same time, so he summons a demon to stop Razen, the one target who escaped alive. Then, upon returning to Tempest after successfully becoming a Demon Lord, Rimuru sets about attempting to revive Shion and the rest of the fallen. Through Raphael, the evolved form of Great Sage, the Secret Arts of Spirit Resurrection and Revival of the Dead are activated...

12. The One Unleashed


Shion and the rest of the fallen are revived, Diablo has joined the team... It seems as if all is going smoothly, but Rimuru then receives a report that Milim has declared war and Eurazania has been destroyed, and there's still the matter of the Western Holy Church's hostility toward monsters, even with Falmuth out of the picture. But at the same time, Raphael informs him that the Appraisal of Unlimited Imprisonment has been completed. At last, two years after Rimuru's reincarnation into this world, he can finally fulfill the first promise he made here: to free Veldora.

13. The Visitors


A feast is thrown to celebrate the revival of Tempest's fallen and the return of Veldora. After enjoying a brief, peaceful respite, Rimuru tells everyone his future plans: he's going to get the word out to the whole world that he's a Demon Lord and declare war against Clayman. Then King Gazel of the Armed Nation of Dwargon, Fuze of the Kingdom of Blumund, and Eren's father, Archduke Elalude of the Sorcerous Dynasty of Thalion, all arrive in Tempest, and an important meeting to discuss the nation's future begins.

14. A Meeting of Humans and Monsters


As prominent figures from several nations assemble in Tempest for a meeting, Laplace and his companions formulate a plan centered around Clayman. Then someone familiar joins the discussion...

15. Ramiris's Warning


Rimuru announces his plan to back Youm as the new king of Falmuth. After hearing this, Gazel tests Youm to see if he has what it takes to be a ruler, and Youm answers with full sincerity. Erald also takes a liking to Rimuru after hearing him say he just wants to create a world where everyone can prosper and smile. Thus Rimuru and his allies look ahead to the battle against their new enemy, Clayman.

16. The Congress Dances


A new force has suddenly risen to power in the Great Forest of Jura, and its leader, Clayman, proposes that the Demon Lords hold Walpurgis with the goal of sanctioning the slime who deceived him. Rimuru also begins to prepare for a battle with Clayman, but observing the enemy army's movements reveals that Clayman's target is not Tempest, but Eurazania. Clayman's army will arrive in Eurazania within two days. Can Rimuru's forces get there in time?

17. The Eve of Battle


To put a stop to Clayman's plans, Rimuru uses transport magic on a large scale to both move Tempest's army to Eurazania and evacuate the people of Eurazania to Tempest. Rimuru also decides to crash Walpurgis, the Demon Lords' banquet, in order to settle the score with Clayman personally. Since this will be a return match for Shion, he decides to take her and Ranga along. New military forces are organized in Tempest in preparation for the battle against Clayman's army. At last, the eve of battle is upon them...

18. The Demon Lords


Benimaru leads his army to Eurazania, and Youm heads to Falmuth to take it over along with his buddies and Diablo. Rimuru succeeds in outwitting Clayman by transporting all of Eurazania's refugees to Tempest. Since Clayman has been striving to evolve into an Awakened Demon Lord for a long time, his resentment toward Rimuru grows. Meanwhile, Demon Lord Leon, Veldora's sister Velzard, and Guy, the oldest of the Demon Lords, become increasingly impressed with Rimuru.

19. The Signal to Begin the Banquet


Rimuru continues with preparations for Walpurgis, including making Treyni evolve into a Dryas Doll Dryad. Meanwhile, Benimaru and his forces have arrived in Eurazania via transport magic, and they promptly run Clayman's army into a trap set by Geld. The Three Beastketeers, determined to rescue Carrion, set out to subdue the enemy army's leader. Albis fights one-on-one with Yamza of the Five Fingers, while Phobio takes on Footman and Tear.

20. On This Land Where It All Happened


Gabiru narrowly wins his battle against Hermes. Watching their outcome is Middray of the Dragon Faithful, whose skill was enough to overwhelm even Suphia. Though he looks like a human, he is actually a Dragonewt like Gabiru. Meanwhile, Yamza uses his artifact Doppelganger to create a double of himself, but Albis still defeats him soundly. He tries to surrender, but Clayman takes control of him and forces him to transform into Charybdis.

21. Adalman, the Index Finger


With all the preparations complete, Rimuru heads out to attend Walpurgis with Shion and Ranga, while Ramiris takes Beretta and Treyni. In the meantime, Shuna, Hakuro, and Soei find both their vision and their magic detection abilities hindered by a thick fog as they draw closer to Clayman's castle. From within the fog appears the Index Finger of Clayman's Five Fingers, Adalman, also known as the White King. Hakuro and Soei hold the enemies around them at bay while Shuna faces Adalman one-on-one.

22. Demon Lords' Banquet ~Walpurgis~


Clayman tries to convince the other Demon Lords that Rimuru should be purged, but Guy tells him that if he is truly a Demon Lord, he should defeat Rimuru himself. What should be a one-on-one battle between Rimuru and Clayman is joined by Milim, who has been brainwashed by Clayman, so Rimuru takes on Milim while Shion faces Clayman. But Rimuru is at a disadvantage against Milim and finds himself pushed back... until Veldora bursts onto the scene and takes Milim's attack in Rimuru's place.

23. Returning from the Brink


Clayman and his pawns stand no chance against Rimuru and his allies. At a loss, Clayman orders Milim to use Stampede to kill everyone present, but Milim reveals he was never controlling her from the start. It was all an act to expose Clayman's plans and identify the mastermind behind it all. Even Carrion is still alive and well. On the brink of death, Clayman uses the souls of everyone he has killed as energy for his awakening. Thus the final battle to settle the score between Rimuru and Clayman begins.

24. Octagram


Rimuru backs Clayman into a corner trying to get him to reveal who he's working for, but even on death's door, Clayman's lips are sealed. Left with no other choice, Rimuru finishes Clayman off. With Clayman dead and Carrion and Frey announcing that they're stepping down as Demon Lords, the total number of Demon Lords including Rimuru is reduced from ten to eight. Guy coerces Rimuru into coming up with a new name for their group, and Rimuru's solution is "Octagram," representing each of the Demon Lords as an eight-pointed star. Thus a slime became one of the eight Demon Lords, marking the start of a new age.